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Complete all the items on this page, then click Save & continue. Please help us by giving accurate answers for each item so we can process your application. Names and dates of birth must be legally valid as stated on your identification, for example, your driver’s licence or passport.

Title: What you’d like us to use if we contact you.

Name: Enter your first, middle and last names as it appears on your driver’s licence or passport.

Date of birth: Enter your officially recorded date of birth from your birth certificate or driver’s licence. Use the format DD/MM/YYYY e.g. 01/05/1980

Ethnicity: Select your ethnicity. If you chose “Other” from the Ethnicity list, please enter your ethnicity in the 'Ethnicity other' text box.

Email address: We will use this to send you updates, account login details, and any password reset requests.

Phone numbers: Enter one or more phone numbers where you would like us to contact you, if we need to. We will only call you during business hours, Monday to Friday.

Physical address: Your current residential address, where you live.

Postal address: Your current postal address. If it is the same as your physical address, click Copy physical.

This KiwiBuild application will have additional applicants: If you are applying with a partner, a family member, or another person, you need their consent to submit this application. You can add other applicants during the application process. You will be the point of contact for this application, but you must give us all information about all applicants.

Privacy statement: Please read the privacy statement. You must agree to our privacy statement to continue this application.

Complete all the items on this page, then click Save & continue to go to Part C of your application. It’s very important that all answers are accurate and legally correct.

I intend to own and live in my KiwiBuild home for the minimum ownership period: In order to be eligible to buy a KiwiBuild home, you must intend to own and live in the home;as your principal place of residence for the minimum ownership period, calculated from the settlement date of your purchase. Minimum ownership period means:
a. where the property is a studio or one-bedroom dwelling, 1 year; or
b. where the property comprises a dwelling of two or more bedrooms, 3 years.

Annual income: Enter this applicant's total annual income before tax. Click the "View explanation" button to find out more.

Residency status: Select your New Zealand residency status from the list. Click the “View explanation” button to find out more.

Which of the following best describes you? Home ownership: Please select the item that describes this applicant's current home ownership status. Click the “View explanation” button to find out more.

Kiwibuild Statutory declaration: The KiwiBuild statutory declaration shows that you understand the Eligibility Criteria for KiwiBuild.

On this page, please upload your documents for your KiwiBuild eligibility by clicking on the Add attachment button. All documents must be current and complete. Please specify a short description of the contents of each document.

*PLEASE NOTE* All documents listed on the attachment checklist must be uploaded in order to complete your application. Acceptable file formats are .PDF files or .JPG or .PNG images.

KiwiBuild Statutory declaration:
You can download the KiwiBuild statutory declaration here.

When you take your KiwiBuild statutory declaration form to be witnessed by an authorised person, please take your other supporting documents:
• Proof of citizenship or residency status to be certified by an authorised person
• IRD proof of income
The authorised person needs to witness all of the supporting documents, and witness and sign your KiwiBuild statutory declaration.

Proof of citizenship or residency status
• New Zealand Citizens – Please upload your New Zealand citizenship certificate or the certified bio page of your New Zealand passport.
• New Zealand Residents - please upload the certified bio page of your passport and your certified visa label/eVisa.

Proof of income
You must upload one of these as your proof of income:
Certificate of earnings for the past 12 calendar months immediately prior to the date of application
• Proof of no taxable income
• Set of self-employed earnings documents

You can get your Certificate of Earnings or proof of no taxable income from your account on the Inland Revenue Department website
If you are self-employed, you must provide your earnings documents for the most current tax year, including:
• Your personal IR3 statement
• Notice of Assessment
• Return Acknowledgement
You must also provide up-to-date interims if the last financial year ended more than six months ago.